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VidYen is currently in proof of concept testing Alpha 1.2

VidYen points may bug out or be wiped at any time during testing phases!

Please see the VidYen Official Forums for news, updates, FAQ's, tutorials, and information about bugs

VidYen is an alternative monetization site. As many of you are aware, YouTube is facing a demonetization crisis where content creators are being punished through bad algorithms regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

Our goal is to create a new system of promotion, engagement, and earning money from videos on a market based system rather than relying on advertisers requirements. The founders of VidYen have a goal to move the content creation business away from advertisement and to a direct marketing system where engagement is monetized as well as up and coming new blockchain technologies.

The way VidYen works, is that you can earn promotion points for getting engagement from posting user created content and the resulting engagement that follows from that. In order to promote your content on this site, you can use those points to up your rank in the different categories or on other users pages.

Any excess points can be exchanged on the market for rewards and other monetization. (We also have some experimental methods of earning VidYen points that you can check out under our “Earn VidYen” Section.)

Currently we are tying our system into Google’s account system so you can easily link your videos you have already uploaded there to our system. Down the road, we hope to host videos locally or from other sites who also want to use our monetization system.


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[Core Team]

James Felty Douglas: Founder, Product Designer, Data Analytics, Coder

Shawn Tooley: Project Manager, Outsource Coordinator



Milos Kostic: Pixel Art, Animations

marianynfa: Font TTF file design

quackyeah: Original Logo Design





[Special Thanks]

Outsource Team

Logistics and Social Media team (who wish to remain anon)

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