Welcome to VidYen!

This is the official demonstration page of the VidYen Point System Plugin, a toolkit for WordPress used to create your own “rewards site” with either legacy advertising or browser mining to track and award points to users that can be exchanged for a reward of your choosing. Other WordPress plugins include the VidYen VidHash and VidYen Twitch Player plugin for Monero mining monetization for YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

If you are a YouTube content creator, but don’t have a WordPress web site please visit VidHash.com to create webmining link

Crypto Rewards Demo

Rewards Site Explanation

Example of VidYen WebMiner Online Game Integration

Example of VidYen WebMiner In Rewards Site

WebMiner Presentation Tech Talk

More video tutorials found here.

VY256 Miner

If you have an idea for a rewards site, the VYPS system can help create that without having to learn programming!



Demonstration Instructions

Everything you see on this site was done on WordPress, a free and open source web platform. If you have a WordPress site you can do this too!

Rather than simply provide a system for content creators to have an alternative system for monetization, we are developing a WP Plugin platform to allow anyone to use the same system we used to make money on their own site. That way, you can have any content (not just YouTube videos) and be able to monetize it using our VYPS system.

How it works:

For regular users you can watch ads or mine with our VY256 miner to earn points that you can use for gift cards and other rewards as well as use to play games (coming soon). If you have any questions about how get these rewards, fee free to read instructions at bottom of this page or ask for help on our Official Facebook Page or our Discord server.

If you want to look at the source code or other projects in the works, feel free to visit our Github site for an early preview and join our Discord server for help installing and using it.

Our plan is to a working version on WordPress soon for easier installation. Visit our VYPS plugin page for details on how to we created this site in WordPress

  1. Register an account and log in (See above menu)
  2. Earn VidYen points by watching AdScend ads or browser mining (If you are on your phone you can install and play apps and earn points that way!)
  3. When you have enough VidYen points, transfer VidYen to reward credit (You should see an increase of wallet at top of page when you got to market)
  4. When you have enough reward credit, you can purchase items on the store.
  5. Or… You can play games with the your VidYen points to try to earn more!

Download Plugins

VidYen Point System

VidYen Point System – Create a point system to credit users for monetization activities.

VidYen Twitch Player

VidYen Twitch Player – Embed Twitch streams on your WordPress site and earn Monero from their mining.

VidYen VidHash

VidYen VidHash – Embed YouTube videos on your WordPress site and earn Monero from their mining.

VidYen Monero Share

VidYen Monero Share – Share Monero Mining with your users. Example on: MoneroShare.io

You can now just plugin a XMR address and share it with your users on your WordPress site.

VidYen Gatekeeper – Lock content behind a crypto Monero web miner!