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VidYen is an alternative monetization system for content creators and reward site owners. The hardest part of content creation and running a website is making money off it. One cannot simply make money with the combination of being at the mercy of advertisers and the influx of adblockers at the same time.

Our goal is create a system that gives a reason for the users to turn off adblockers or use alternative methods to earn sites revenue.

Our site is a proof of concept on how you can setup a WordPress site to encourage users to watch advertising videos (Hence the name VidYen) by giving them points for doing this. Then users can take those points and play games with them in order to win more points or have fun playing the games and in the end they can exchange those points for items on the marketplace such as gift cards and cryptocurrencies.

If you can run a WordPress site, you can use our plugins to do the same thing we are doing whether you are selling digital art, music, or want a way to monetize your dedicated game server!

Please contact us if you have any questions about either being a user in getting gift cards or you want to run your own WordPress site with our system!

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[Core Team]

James Felty Douglas: Founder, Lead Developer ( Twitter: @Felty256  )


Milos Kostic: Pixel Art, Animations

marianynfa: Font TTF file design

quackyeah: Original Logo Design



[Special Thanks]

Outsource Team

Discord Crew

Logistics and Social Media team (who wish to remain anon)